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Why should I use the Aroma Stress Buster or Aroma Coaster?

The Aroma Stress Buster™ is a novel aromatherapy diffuser, designed specifically for use in the workplace to provide a simple means of enhancing your productivity and performance at times of stress. Stress in the workplace is a recognised problem that can significantly affect your productivity.

Various essential oils have been shown to have a role in the management of stress, and provide an entirely natural approach to stress relief. Simply attach the (detachable) Aroma Stress Buster™ to your computer monitor or laptop, add the essential oils to the insert and sit back and breathe in the aroma!.

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When should I use my Aroma Stress Buster?

The Aroma Stress Buster™ or Aroma Coaster™ is primarily designed to help enhance productivity and performance in the workplace at times of stress. The essential oils provided with the Aroma Stress Buster™ can:

  • help stimulate you at the start of the working day
  • freshen you up or minimise stress during the day
  • help you improve your productivity at times of stress
  • help you continue working effectively at times of stress.

How pure are the essential oils supplied with my Aroma4u product?

The essential oils supplied with your Aroma Stress Buster™ have been chosen only after consultation with a qualified aromatherapist. All our essential oils are 100% pure (no synthetics or blends), are of the highest quality (for maximum stress-relieving effect), and have been obtained from a member of the UK Aromatherapy Trade Council.

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How much oil should I use?

With essential oils less is more - that is a little can go along way. When applying the oils bear in mind that the strength of aroma perceived will depend on your sensitivity to that aroma, the size of the room, whether there is a window open, etc. The vials in which the oils are supplied come with a wand that you can use to help you control exactly how much oil is placed on the insert.

Where do I position my Aroma Stress Buster?

The Aroma Stress Buster™ uses the air warmed by a computer or another warm surface in the office or home to gently vaporise the oils placed on the insert. For best results, place your (detachable) Aroma Stress Buster™ on or near your computer monitor or laptop using the Velcro tabs supplied.

Is my Aroma Stress Buster or Aroma Coaster eco-friendly?

To work, the Aroma Stress Buster requires only the spent energy of a computer, rather than electricity or an open flame, as is the case with most other aromatherapy diffusers. In addition, the Aroma Stress Buster is made from acid-free card and all its components are recyclable. In recognition of its eco-friendly credentials, the Aroma Stress Buster was awarded a National Green Apple Award. These awards are given to recognize, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world. Additionally, the Aroma Stress Buster was recently featured on The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 by Janey Lee Grace, the holistic enthusiast, who called it “An innovative idea, great for stressed out adults and kids”.

Why not just use an airfreshener?

Essential oils are highly concentrated, natural plant products, long recognised for their medicinal and mood-enhancing effects. In contrast, most air fresheners contain a large number of synthetic chemical fragrances, none of which have been shown to have the same physiological or psychological properties as pure natural essential oils.

In the home aromatherapy essential oils can be used in many varied ways such as air-fresheners, in the laundry and in the kitchen. Lavender oil, LEMON, TEA TREE all have some anti-bacterial qualities and BERGAMOT oil is uplifting whilst giving a lovely fresh aroma throughout the home. Head clearing TEA TREE, LAVENDER and EUCALYPTUS essential oils used in vaporizers may all help to combat stuffiness and optimize a healthy immune system.

We use 100% pure and natural essential oils in all our Aroma Stress Buster Gift Factory products to provide a natural way of improving your working environment.

How safe are essential oils?

The essential oils supplied with Aroma4u™ products are 100% pure and natural, but even natural products can have side effects if not used properly, and some degree of care is needed when handling them. Essential oils should not (in general) be used directly on the skin.

Do not take essential oils internally. Essential oils should be kept away from children, pets and the eyes. Essential oils are also very volatile and, therefore flammable - keep them away from naked flames. Aromatherapy products are never to be used in place of medical treatment. If you are pregnant, epileptic, suffering from high blood pressure or already taking medication consult your medical practitioner or a qualified aromatherapist.

Insect nasties can be deterred by using the following essential oils in the garden. PEPPERMINT, ROSEMARY, LAVENDER, LEMONGRASS, PATCHOULI and most CITRUS essential oils.

For more information on the safety of essential oils, visit:

The Aroma4u (CUS Busting Ltd) cannot be held responsible for the misuse of any of their products. All products should be used only as per the instructions provided.

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