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Essential oil creations to aid stress relief and mindfulness

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We make alternative eco-friendly essential oil creations based on the concept of aromatherapy, which use 100% pure natural essential oils to promote the well-being of the mind, body and spirit.

The Aroma Stress Buster is an innovative 'Stress Busting' aromatherapy essential oil diffuser designed specifically as an aid to stress in the workplace. It can be used to de-stress your office or home. Simply attach the dispenser to your computer monitor – the warmth generated by the computer or other device gently diffuses stress-relieving natural aromatherapy essential oils into your immediate atmosphere. Because it is detachable, you can even use it on your laptop!

Create your own Aroma Stress Buster

The Aroma Stress Buster range can easily be personalised to suit your own personal taste - you can choose from a range of colours, messages and 100% pure essential oils. Alternatively, you can create a special Aroma StressBuster as an ideal and caring alternative health gift for any stressed-out friend or relative.

Colours, messages and aromatherapy essential oils

Info - How to view our range of colors, messages and essential oils   Move your mouse cursor over the following highlighted words to see the colour, messages and 100% pure essential oils available, and then try out different combinations using our interactive system, at no obligation. Now why not create your own gift.

Easy to use

The Aroma Stress Buster uses the warmth generated by your computer to gently vaporise pure essential oils, thus releasing stress-relieving aromas into your immediate office or home environment. Just place the (detachable) Aroma Stress Buster in a convenient position on your computer monitor or laptop, add a few drops of the essential oil(s) provided, breathe in and relax!

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Aroma Stress Buster

Specifically designed for use in the workplace and at home

Unlike other aromatherapy diffusers the Aroma Stress Buster requires:

  • no external electricity source, battery power, naked flame or water
  • no electric socket
  • it sits in a convenient position on your computer monitor/laptop or other office appliance

In addition, the Aroma Stress Buster comes with Velcro tabs and so is detachable.

Pure aromatherapy essential oils

The Aroma Stress Buster comes with two 1-ml vials of essential oils. The Aroma Coaster comes with one 1-ml vial. All the essential oils provided by Aroma4u products are 100% pure (no synthetics or blends), are of the highest quality (for maximum stress-relieving effect) and have been obtained from a member of the UK Aromatherapy Trade Council -

How safe are essential oils?

If you have any queries regarding the Aroma Stress Buster or require information about refills (or larger quantities) of our 100% pure natural essential oils, then please contact us on:

Email: info [at]


To work, the Aroma Stress Buster requires only the spent energy of a computer, rather than electricity or an open flame, as is the case with most other aromatherapy diffusers. In addition, the Aroma Stress Buster is made from acid-free card and all its components are recyclable. In recognition of its eco-friendly credentials, the Aroma Stress Buster from Aroma4u was awarded a National Green Apple Award ( These awards are given to recognize, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world.

Additionally, the Aroma Stress Buster was featured on The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 (Oct 2007) by Janey Lee Grace, 'the holistic enthusiast', who called it “A natural aromatherapy vibe” and “helps relieve your stress and calm you down, naturally”.

A natural aromatherapy airfreshener

The Aroma Stress Buster and Aroma Coaster uses only 100% pure essential oils, providing a completely natural way of freshening up your working environment.

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