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Want to see your own branded Aroma Stress Buster or Aroma Coaster?
and one made for your clients brand name as a
personalized corporate gift or a promotional give away.

The company behind the Aroma Stress Buster
(CUS Busting Ltd) now offer a range of unique
aromatherapy stress-relieving promotional products

Did you know Work-related stress is a common and growing problem in today's workplace. Aromas, once experienced, are seldom forgotten. Our products therefore make ideal a above all memorable promotional products for the health-conscious company.

Range of Aromatherapy bespoke promotional products

Did you know? eco-friendly
Aroma Stress Busters are made from eco-friendly acid-free recyclable materials.


Bespoke Aroma Coaster


Bespoke Aroma Stress Buster-natural health-promotional product

This image shows where on your computer to attach the Aroma Stress Buster

shows where to place your Aroma StressBuster-Aromatherpay product

The bespoke Aroma Stress Buster is designed to be attached to the front of your client's computer or other warm surface in the office or home. It comes with two vials of 100% pure essential oil, specially selected for their stress-relieving effects. A unique corporate gift!.

The warm air generated by the computer (the source of much of today's work related stress!) gently vaporises the essential oil into the atmosphere  for your client to breathe in.

A number of health-conscious companies have discovered the value of our bespoke Aroma Stress Buster as either a corporate or promotional product.


The bespoke Aroma Stress Buster is made from eco-friendly acid-free recyclable materials.


Hilton bespoke Aroma StressBuster wallet-showing essential oils

Aroma StressBuster bespoke Clients
Aroma StressBuster bespoke Clients



Bespoke Aroma Coaster-natural health-promotional product



bespoke Aroma Coaster

Bespoke Aroma Coaster

Min order : 50

Lead time : on enquiry


The Aroma Coaster is a fresh new re-thinking of the traditional drinks mat. Each Aroma Coaster is supplied with a vial of 100% pure essential oil, selected for its stress-relieving effects.

A few drops of essential oil are sprinkled onto the Aroma Coaster. When a cup of warm drink is placed on top, the heat from the drink gently vaporises the essential oil into the atmosphere, releasing a wonderful aroma that also de-stresses and can aid work related stress.

The bespoke Aroma Coaster makes an ideal incentive product for clients, colleagues and customers.


The bespoke Aroma Coaster material is recyclable and is made from eco-friendly acid free pulpboard, the ink used is naturally produced sustainable rubber based ink.

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