Natural Essential Oil Creations for Stress Relief

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Create your own Aroma Stress Busters and Aroma Coasters or Buy Single Essential Oils

Aroma4u offer eco-friendly 100% pure Essential Oil creations. Using warmth from a computer or other warm air source to gently diffuse aromatherapy oils into your home, office.

Aroma essentials - buy single essential oils Eco-friendly gifts
The Aroma Coaster
Price from: 2.00 each  

Unique stress busting gift creations

Aroma4u offer essential oil gift creations using high quality 100% pure essential oils for natural aromatherapy stress relief. Our essential oil creations are unique, hand-crafted (made in Bampton, Oxfordshire,UK), eco-friendly and are ideal for your stressed-out loved ones, friends or work colleagues. Bespoke alternative health gifts also available.

Our Aroma Stress Busters and Aroma Coasters make perfect aroma gifts, offering natural stress relief and aiding wellbeing through the use of pure natural essential oils.

Come along to a UK craft fair (Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire)
and sample our quality aromatherapy essential oils, and inhale way the stress of your day!

New! See our exciting range of unusual 100% pure essential oils. Have you ever wanted to try out an essential oil you have never heard before, but were put off buying a large amount in case you didn’t like it? Well, why not visit our Aroma essentials page. Here we offer 1 ml vials of a wide range of 100% pure natural essential oils, many of which cannot easily be obtained on the high street. Our Aroma essentials range provides a perfect introduction to aromatherapy, and an opportunity to try out unusual or unfamiliar essential oils without buying large quantities.

If you are keen to try different natural aromatherapy essential oils, but are put off by the thought of having to buy large quantities, then our #Aromaessentials are ideal for you! With our Aroma essential introduction to aromatherapy you can purchase small amounts of 100% pure natural essential oils to try at your convenience. Buy single oils and explore our wide and exciting range of essential oils, some not easily obtainable in the high street.

Unique essential oil creations on offer

New aroma essentials - buy single oils Eco-friendly gifts
The Aroma Coaster
Price from: 2.00 each  

Create your own Aroma Stress Busters and Aroma Coasters or Buy Single Essential Oils

Our colourful and individual Aroma Stress Busters and Aroma Coasters combined with the wonderful aroma associated with pure natural essential oils, can enhance any office or home environment, and provide a totally holistic approach to stress relief.

You can create your own Aroma Stress Buster or Aroma Coaster choosing a colour , a personal message and choose your 100% pure essential oil(s) , to suit your individual taste. Alternatively, our Aroma Stress Busters and Aroma Coasters make unique gifts for stressed-out loved ones or work colleagues, friends or relatives, and are ideal for any occasion – Birthdays, Holidays, flowers, symbols and emotions etc - making us one of the best aromatherapy sites for custom and customized bespoke essential oil gift creations for stress relief.

Essential stress relief at work

Aroma4u products are uniquely designed for use in the office, offering a natural holistic approach to stress relief/prevention at work.

A good working environment is essential, both for your health and for job satisfaction. And although there are plenty of ways to relieve stress outside the office, ways of managing stress in the work place are limited.  Only a few techniques are suitable for stress busting in the workplace, one of which is aromatherapy, a widely acknowledged, effective way to relieve work related stress.  Research has shown that the inhalation of certain aromatherapy oils, such as lavender essential oil, can have immediate and natural stress-relieving effects that can aid stress reduction/prevention in our stressful working environments.

Essential stress relief at home

Aroma4u products also offer a natural holistic approach to aromatherapy stress relief/prevention in the home.  Why not use essential oils, such as Lavender essential oil, to reduce anxiety and tension, and provide a harmonic ambience within the home?

Discover the joy of aromatherapy!
Inhale away the stress of your day

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