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The Aroma Coaster is a fresh new re-think of the traditional drinks mat. Each Aroma Coaster mat is letterpress printed and supplied with a vial of 100% pure essential oil, selected for its stress busting effects.

In addition to the essential oils listed below, the Aroma Coaster is now available with an even wider selection of essential oils, to provide the perfect introduction to aromatherapy.

Essential oils also available with our Aroma Coaster


The material used for the Aroma Coaster is biodegradable and recyclable. It's produced from eco-friendly acid-free pulpboard.

How to use your Aroma Coaster

Using the wand attached to the oil vial stopper, sprinkle a few drops of essential oil onto the Coaster. Gently inhale the vaporising essential oil as it infuses into the atmosphere!

When a warm drink is placed on the coaster, the heat from the drink gently regenerates the essential oil re- releasing the wonderful aroma that can help you de-stress and prevent further work related stress. The perfect stress buster!

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How to create your own Aroma Coaster

To reflect your personal taste or as a gift for a stressed-out friend using the interactive panel below in three easy steps.

  1. Select your ink colour
  2. Select your design and shape
  3. Select your essential oil - 4 price ranges to choose from

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Personalise your Aroma Coaster

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  Oak Tree Green

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  Horizon Blue

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  Majestic Gold

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  Passionate purple

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  Lava Red

Price: £2.00 each

     *Hand-printed ink colours and intensities may vary slightly.

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Round or Square Aroma Coasters

Square Coaster Round Coaster

Preview of your Aroma Coaster Gift

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Description of your oil

Click to see Oils descriptions.

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   Aroma Coaster    Price: £2.00 each


Our Aroma Coasters 100% pure natural essential oils
comprise ~1 ml of essential oil in a recyclable glass vial & 1 Aroma Coaster mat.

How safe are these essential oils?

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